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Thursday 5th Feb 2015

Thursday 5th March 2015

Monday 30th March 2015




Mabel Booth Room, Bradford CVS
Trainer Dave Forrest - Volunteering Bradford

FREE: Charities turnover under £100k,

£20 Other


Background Information

The website helps community organisations recruit volunteers.  Following a £2miliion investment from the 30th September you will be able to manage adverts of your volunteer roles using your online account.  The new site will have a completely new look and feel, and a lot of extra new functionality to help volunteers search for opportunities.  There will be new facilities to make your volunteering opportunities more visual and it will make greater use of interactivity and social media tools (such as Facebook and Twitter) - allowing individuals to promote opportunities to their friends. The website will offer a feedback method (like "Tripadvisor") for individuals to report on their volunteering experience, which will enable organisations to validate an individual's involvement and publicly thank them for their time. The site is also experimenting with a project that will enable volunteers to gain rewards for the time they give called "Blue Dots" and it links into fundraising campaigns too.



This training session will provide all the information to make the most of the improvements to the volunteering website.  It will also help you avoid charges as the Volunteer Centres In Bradford and Keighley will be charging community groups who do not set up and online account to upload volunteer roles.  


During this session we will:


·        Explore who volunteers in Bradford and what roles attract them,

·        Discuss how to use the new website to improve your marketing specifically for them.

·        Find out common mistakes that community groups make in their online marketing of volunteer roles and how to avoid them.

·        Make a note of any actions that your group needs to take and discuss where you can get further help and advice.


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