Cancellation Policy for First Aid Courses

By clicking to confirm your first aid booking online you are agreeing to our cancellation policy (see below). 

Once confirmed you will automatically receive a confirmation email to the address you've given us.   If you have not received the email within 24 hours of booking please contact us as it is likely that either the email address has been entered incorrectly or there are problems with your email provision. 


Cancellations /Non-Attendance

  • You will receive a full refund if you have given us at least 2 clear working days notice between the day of the course and the date of your cancellation email. 

  • A cancellation fee of £25 for one day courses  and £50 for two  and three day courses will be charged if we haven't received an email by 4pm the day before the course (or Friday if the course starts on Monday).

  • Non-attendance or notification after 4 pm on the day before the course is classed as a late cancellation and the full fee will be payable.

  • Please note that these terms are for first aid courses only.  Our other courses have different cancellation terms.